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NOTE 1: In its current version, all the live action videos included in this game have their audio in Hindi with no English Subtitles. Currently, we have no plans to add English subtitles, since the game was designed and intended to be played by a primarily Hindi speaking  audience and adding English subtitles will disrupt one of our core mechanic. To get an idea of what the gameplay is like, please watch our trailer (which has English subs) linked on this page.

NOTE 2: Since the game has huge live action video files which cannot be compressed, it's size exceeds the size limit of Itch.io and that is why I am not able to upload it here. The downloadable zip folder contains only the design documents and development process documents. If you still want to download and play the game, then contact me.



Case No. 488 is a FMV Murder Mystery Puzzle Game that I made for IGX (Indian Games Expo) 2018 that was held in Mumbai, India. The game was presented at my college's booth and was played by a large number of people belonging to a wide age group.

This  game is also my first attempt at designing a "game" from scratch, and it was a huge learning experience for me. Being a huge fan of Sam Barlow's "Her Story", I took inspiration from his work and this was my personal attempt at trying to capture the same magic that I first experienced when I played "Her Story".

To read more about this game's development process, download the files below


Case No. 488 Documents.zip 6 MB


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i would like the full game plz